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From Disqus to IntenseDebate & Back Again

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I was flabbergasted when I went to my Tech Blog yesterday and looked over at the ads in the ’Comments’ section powered by Disqus.

Disqus, how could you? Come on.!!
I don’t want ads on my blog. I hate ads. Now I have to remove you. But where will I turn? Fortunately, there’s a way this New Promoted Discovery can be turned off. Phew !! :)

Head over to the Discovery Settings and you can choose among the 4 levels as per your needs.
I chose Just Comments.

While searching for alternatives, I tried my hands on Intense Debate, but the whole UI and the login system wasn’t great as compared to Disqus. For instance, Disqus shows a minimalistic and simplified dialog, with options to login via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Disqus.

Disqus Commenting Dialog

IntenseDebate Commenting Dialog

If Disqus plans to make these Discovery Ads permanent in future, I plan to switch over to IntenseDebate, if the login options are enhanced.